•  FAQ
What is the best way to contact me?
Email or Text!  Email is really best though because we can discuss all the details of whatever we are planning in a longer format & can easily pull it up to reference any info/details 🙂
Do you provide wardrobe options for maternity shoots?
YES! Of course we will want to chat about this, so I can make sure that I have options that fit both your taste, color scheme, level of modesty, sizing at the time of shoot.  There is NO extra fee to wear any of these pieces. And if you want something special,  If you let me know ahead of time- chances are I can make it for your shoot! And if you already have wardrobe you wanted to wear, that is totally ok too!
Do you use props, what kind, etc?
Yes I do! I look at every shoot as a collaborative creative experience so anytime you have a special request whether it be a prop, color scheme, or adjustment of props during the shoot…. always feel free to let me know what you think! Im always open to input & my goal is to make things that are special to your shoot, and ultimately want you to love our photos we create together. I also build a lot of props (wooden swings, flower crowns, pennants, newborn & birthday) & design/sew wardrobe (girls clothes, newborn, and maternity shoot looks). I also bake cakes for smash cakes if needed but also have a super talented local baker if you want something extra special ( for parties too-  her work is truly amazing!)
Smash Cake / Smash & Splash Photoshoots
Make sure to notify me if the baby has any food allergies, eggs, dairy, nut, etc
I highly recommend doing a little taste test in advance (at least a week in advance) just to make sure there is nothing they have reaction to (if they haven’t had cake before or are allergy prone)
What is your pricing?
I will send you my packages once we connect but here are the starting rates:
Portrait Packages (Family, Maternity, Newborn, Children, etc) starting at $175
Wedding Packages starting at $1450
Package customization, extras, video, all available
How long will it take to get my photos after a shoot?
I try my hardest to get a full set of *unedited* photos back within 24 hours. I cant always make a 24 hour deadline, if my schedule is particularly busy, im traveling or its holiday season. But even when 24 hrs is not possible its always within 1-4 days. This does NOT include weddings, those do take longer, time length depends on how many hours of coverage was booked- but minimum 2 weeks for proofs.
I send them digitally via wetransfer or pixieset for you to review and select your favorites for editing 🙂
How long do edited photos take?
I can give you an approximate time frame when discussing a shoot but it varies based on 2 major factors: #1 how many photos are being edited #2 If its January-October or Holiday. During the holidays they will likely take a little longer. As soon as you receive your unedited photos after the photo shoot, I suggest going through & making your “favorites” list for editing – and send to me asap! As soon as I get it I will either work on it right away or put you next in line ( I keep an editing queue, so its fair & organized).
Where are you located- do you travel?
I am located in Miami Lakes, Florida ( 33014). If the location chosen to shoot at is outside a 25 mile radius I do charge a travel fee, varying on how far (starting at $20). I do travel nationwide as well!
Also, I’m from Chagrin Falls Ohio ( 44023 )  & also travel  home often- should you be in that area & it aligns with a trip home, no extra fee would apply!
Whats my favorite thing to photograph?
This is a 2 parter: 1) I have always had a soft spot for creating fairytale-like scenes. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite of all!
2) Creating a collection of work from a family- “Their fairytale.” One of my first clients, I met shooting her maternity photos. Since then i’ve photographed birthdays, family portraits, vacations, more babies – and each time i’m shot a little bit of video too. Ultimately I plan to compile these into both photo & video formats. For this sort of thing, I think they are best when they are years in the making so expect to see some samples of these by later in 2019. I’ve started this with a few clients, but please let me know if you plan to be a long term client & are interested id love to start capturing all your moments for your fairytale!
Locations & Light
This is advise intended for weddings primarily but it applies to all shoots really. When selecting everything from ceremony location to reception to spots for photos, always be thinking about lighting! Light is the #1 most important (technical) thing to get the best quality photos. Every photographer has different preferences, I personally love natural light.
If you are planning a photo shoot or ceremony that is outdoors – you should be good. The only thing to keep in mind (lighting wise) is time of day. Mid-day overhead hours(around noon apx) aren’t flattering- unless its a covered area. The BEST times of day to shoot are the 2 hours after sunrise & 2 hours before sunset (also know as the “golden hours”). If you are planning a ceremony that is to take place at sunset- be VERY mindful of time. Many weddings run behind- I highly recommend you set the time to 1 -2 hours before sunset that way you have a little wiggle room, beautiful golden light  & can still squeeze in some after ceremony shots before the sun disappears.
If you have any questions about lighting situations its always a good idea to run them by your photographer so you can get a professional opinion on what will give you the look you want.  Ex. Spots with dim lighting won’t yield bright whimsical photos.
Info for Indoor Sessions/ Wedding Prep
If you are planning for a photo session or event that will be indoors: keep in mind, the more open & clean an area is the better. The subjects of the photo should always be the main focus so whether its a baby or bride getting ready or family portrait – you don’t want random things in the background drawing the eye away. After photographing plenty of brides getting ready in cramped hotel rooms with all the bridesmaids bags & whatnot strewn everywhere-  I  used a clean empty space(house)  for my own wedding. This was from a family member selling the property,  but id also recommend Air BNB or just get cleaning & go as minimal as possible. This is really worth the effort when you have a bunch of pretty photos of you & your girls on your big day!
How many photographers are included in the wedding packages?
All Wedding packages include 2 photographers which is especially helpful for getting multiple angles and splitting up to shoot bridal parties getting ready
Do you have references for any great wedding vendors such as : Videographers, DJs, Make Up Artists or Bakers?
Yes check out my “partners” page. These are all people i’ve worked with many times. They are all not only great people but super skilled at their crafts.
Final Notes
Lastly, if there is any questions you have that aren’t covered here- don’t hesitate to reach out to me! 🙂